Practice Requirements

A player must be willing and able to attend 2-3 practices/week throughout the season in addition to ALL games on Saturdays. ALL teams will practice (always same place) in Allouez or Bellevue unless coach makes alternative arrangements. In the first 3 weeks of the season there will be at least 20 total hours of practice. All players MUST satisfy 10 hours of conditioning/non-contact practice and 10 hours of contact practice prior to participating in any league game. Please keep this in mind when planning vacations. Required practice time will be met by all registered players and monitored by the league, even if games have to be missed. Coaching staffs will monitor this closely.

The 1st 2 weeks of August there will be 3 practices a week.  Each practice will last 2.5 hours.  From week 3 to the end of the season practices will be held 2 times per week for a maximum of 2 hours each. Chronic and/or unexcused absences could result in suspension, dismissal, or ineligibility for Mandatory Play Requirements established by the league.

Please remember that this is a very structured program with a heavy emphasis on practice and the repetitive teaching of important skills and safe techniques. Do not register if you cannot make the time/travel commitment.

Mandatory Play Requirement (MPR)
Subject to regular attendance at practice, each player can be assured of playing time in every league game. Subject to regular practice attendance, each player is guaranteed at least 12 plays from scrimmage as a defensive and/or offensive position player. Players will receive their MPR by the end of the 3rd quarter or they will start the 4th quarter and remain in until the MPR has been satisfied. Coaching staffs always have the authority to play players at the position(s) and in the situations it feels most appropriate.

Our Mission Statement:

In The Name of Pop Warner, we promise that we will work together as a team, Respecting and abiding by all the rules, Always striving to win, but above all playing fair. So win or lose we will do our best, in the true spirit of good sportsmanship, for the glory of football and the honor of our team.

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