Pop Warner History

Glenn “Pop” Warner was born April 5, 1871 in Springville, New York. He attended Cornell University, where he graduated in 1894 with a law degree. At Cornell, Warner also played football. As captain of the football team, he got the nickname “Pop” because he was older than most of his teammates.

During his four decades as a coach, Warner brought many innovations to college football, including the spiral punt, the screen play, single- and double-wing formations, the naked reverse, the three-point stance, numbering players’ jerseys, and the use of shoulder and thigh pads. But to many Americans, Warner is best remembered for starting the Pop Warner Youth Football League in 1929. On September 7, 1954, Pop Warner died in Palo Alto, California.

Our Mission Statement:

In The Name of Pop Warner, we promise that we will work together as a team, Respecting and abiding by all the rules, Always striving to win, but above all playing fair. So win or lose we will do our best, in the true spirit of good sportsmanship, for the glory of football and the honor of our team.

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